Our Service model is geared from best practice, and it is too dynamic as per the need of the customer. We strongly believe that Service model needs to understand its dynamics and structure. In the service model, it is important to consider the key service elements and its interactions. The service structure is the service assets particularly required to deliver the service and the patterns configured for them.The service dynamics include the activities, coordination, flow of resources and interactions happening between the service provider and the customer. For example, the customer service model needs to develop a clear method to resolve customer complaints and decide how and with whom complaints will be handled and resolve.

We provide the below service

Consultancy on

  1. Quality Management System 
  2. Project Management outsourcing
  3. IT Consultancy
    1. Infrastructure Consultancy
    2.  ERP Consultancy
    3. eLearing Systems consutancy
  4. Organizational policy enforcement and compliance programs 

Implementation Services on

  1. Data center Infrastructure 
  2. Quality Management System 
  3. ERP implementation
  4. eLearing and CPD System
  5. Organizational policy enforcement and compliance programs 
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